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Faculty and Staff, please contact the ITS Help Desk

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If you completed your self-service password reset questions go to
Instructions are located at the bottom of the page at
Network Account Creation
Student accounts are created within 48 hours of your application being accepted and admitted by the Admissions Department. Accounts are valid for one year after your last day of class attendance. Accounts will be disabled if students are not registered for classes following this period. Network accounts are used to log into any computer on campus.

Network Account Credentials
Student accounts use the following naming convention:
Username: first six letters of last name + first initial + middle initial + two digit day of birth + last digit year of birth
Password: last four digits of social security number + two digit year of birth. If you did not supply your SSN on the application, your 4 digit year of birth will be used in its place.
Note: The username should be in lowercase. If your last name is shorter than six characters, your entire last name should be used.
For common last names, there is the possibility of having duplicate account names. If you have a common name or are unsure of your account name, use the form at the top of this page to identify your account name.
International Students: Please call the International Students Office at (716) 851-1359 to obtain the number used for your social security number.

All students have an email address associated with their accounts. Your email address is your account name followed by Use your email address as your username when logging in. For example, a student account name of smithjr217 would have an email of Access to email is available through MyECC located at
If you wish to use ActiveSync to sync your ECC email account with your mobile device, use the server address of

Students have the ability to register for classes online, check their grades, view their transcripts, and make tuition payments through WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor is located at Your WebAdvisor account username and password is the same as your email account. Staff that are also taking classes and have a student network account, you will only be able to use your staff username/password.
To login, you must have applied and been admitted to the college. You will be assigned a student ID number through the admissions office.
When to use your username or email when logging into services
When you see the Microsoft Azure Login page shown below, you will need to use your email address as the userame. All other services will only need your username to log in.
Azure Login Page

First Login
You first login on the web will require you to set your password reset and recovery options. Please view the link at for more information.

Blackboard is the course delivery system for students taking online courses. The web address is Your Blackboard account username and password is the same as your email account. Students will not be able to log into Blackboard until the first day of the semester. Students registering after the beginning of the semester will be enrolled in their course after 3am the following morning. More information about Blackboard can be found at the Distance Learning home page located at